Business Analytics

Analytics for Microsoft products

The areas of business analytics, i. e. business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) are core areas of consulity GmbH. We support you with the creation of charts, reports, the construction of digital dashboards and the automated creation of business reports. Techniques from Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel, such as PowerPivot and PowerQuery, are used as well as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming. The creation of analyses based on Microsoft Power BI or Microsoft Access are also part of our portfolio, as well as the creation of data visualizations based on Microsoft SharePoint content pages in the web-based Office 365 environment.

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Google and individual solutions

In the „Google world“ we support Google Data Studio and Google Sheets in combination with Google Apps Script and the use of web technology (HTML + CSS + JavaScript) for interactive data visualizations, for example with D3.js or other JavaScript chart libraries on Google Sites or in Script as Web App applications. We make business analytics usable for users in both worlds (Google and Microsoft) without additional server and we have specialized in data volume of tens of thousands to a few hundred thousand records („Small Data“) that should be shown in the web browser or in office products. In addition to data visualization and reporting, we offer the creation of calculation models and support in defining and calculating data model measures and key performance indicators (KPI).

We provide support if you...

  • use Microsoft Excel as an analysis tool or for reporting
  • use Excel together with PowerQuery and PowerPivot
  • want to create automated business reports
  • use Microsoft Power BI
  • want to generate business reports with Google Workspace
  • use Google Data Studio
  • need interactive charts and data visualizations
  • would like to have individual data visualizations created
  • need support in defining KPIs or data measures
  • want to create an analytics dashboard