Online Support

1. Download

Please download the online support software (for Windows operating system) via the link below and run the program after successful download.

  Support Software (Version: 2019-02-10 - 2,8 MB)

To use the software, any safety instructions have to be accepted. allow support 1

Furthermore, the software requires access to your computer. allow support 1

2. Access data

Next, please tell your call partner the access data (ID and password) to enable access to your computer. The software provided does not need to be installed and therefore does not require any administration rights.

allow support 1

3. Notes

After the support software has been terminated, your communication partner will no longer be able to access your computer. Furthermore, the access password is regenerated for each session. Of course, the full access control is up to you.

Please note that the recording of a session (e.g. via screen recording tools) is not permitted and needs to be approved on request in individual cases.

On the other hand, consulity will only take screenshots and recordings of the content transmitted, if this is necessary or helpful at all, with your explicite consent.