General services

Flexible support

Do you need short-term support with order peaks? We support you in all areas of „clickwork“, for example with the implementation of documentations. This can be teaching and learning materials, screencasts or training (real or online). We develop training concepts, training documents or videos in German and English. If required, we conduct training and support your team with the introduction of new software.



Continuous assistance

The portfolio section refers to general service and support. This refers to permanent support for a process or software which can be done based on a service contract or in the form of a service budget. A maintenance contract is offered as as subsequent component of all our software developments. In case of service budgets, an annual quota of hours is usually agreed upon, which can then be called up as required.

We provide support if you...

  • seek support during peak workloads or bottlenecks
  • need general IT services
  • would like to have teaching and learning materials, e.g. screencasts, produced
  • want to commission a service budget