How do you get your hands free?

While the web development and software development divisions focus on the finished product and the user experience, the programming and scripting division is more about automating workflows and optimizing business processes. Increasing efficiency through appropriate tools and software solutions is, of course, also part of a development in business analytics and web development, but the focus here is more on programs that run "in the background" and without the intervention of a user thus relieving the team of routine tasks and contribute to increasing work efficiency. These can be automatically running processes or the nightly processing of recurring jobs. Scripting languages such as Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Basic Script, Google Apps Script, DOS batch and Power Shell Script are used.

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Relief from routine tasks

Through the use of macro commands, batch jobs and scripts, extensive automation of workflows is achievable. Often, the possibilities of what is technically possible are not even known, and therefore the frustration that comes with processing routine tasks is accepted. This does not have to be the case, as there are numerous approaches to automation. Even if no application programming interface (API) is available, some processes can still be automated or at least simplified via click sequences or simulated keyboard commands to increase efficiency. Take the feedback from your team seriously and pick up starting points for automating business processes and individual routine tasks. We support you in the implementation.

We provide support if you...

  • or your team complain about routine tasks
  • are dissatisfied with the efficiency of workflows
  • need programs that run in the background
  • want to automate repetitive tasks
  • need assistance with scripting