Web development

What is this and how do we do it?

Another core area of consulity is web development. This refers to the development of applications that can be created on the basis of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The end device increasingly plays a subordinate role here. For us, the user is at the center of every development. Understanding the role of the users and their preferences as precisely as possible is one of the central tasks in our approach to software development, especially web development. A development approach that is driven by a vision that arises from understanding your requirements and what and, above all, how you want to do it, that is our way. Achieving a high level of usability and a strong user acceptance is an important goal in this process. Of course, this can only be achieved through cooperation. This is precisely where consulity sees its active role. Working closely with the department and the users and acting as a genuine business partner that can advise on both, content-related and technical issues to support the creative ideation process.

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Orientation and technique

As already described in the technology section, Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 play an important role in our alignment. In our opinion, the path toward the cloud is marked out for many companies as part of the global digitalization. Nevertheless, web development is not tied to these platforms or products. Rather, they form the starting points for it. The goal of development should always be a more efficient and/or pleasant user experience, and this can basically be achieved on any platform. A web application today can run "classically" as web pages on a desktop computer, but the same application may just as easily be used on a smartphone or a tablet. The user experience between online/offline and browser/(native)app is becoming increasingly blurred, which is due in particular to the rapid further development of web browsers and HTML standards for mobile devices. If you need a smart, agile solution for small to medium sized teams, we can create a spreadsheet-based solution based on Excel Online or Google Sheets. For a larger group of users, we build web server-based applications with database connectivity. consulity GmbH is basically geared to the individual development of new applications, but also provides support for the further development, customizing or migration of existing software systems.

We provide support if you...

  • are looking for an application for Google Workspace or Office 365
  • want to have a single page application built
  • need a scalable web application with a database
  • want to transition a legacy solution to a new, web-based system
  • need an individual web application for your team