DocLibDesign for SharePoint Document Libraries (Show Case)


This page shows implementation examples of consulity's DocLibDesign, a "tile-style"-design for SharePoint document libraries.

For further introduction, please read the article Design for SharePoint Document Libraries

Introduction Video

Please see the major functions in the introductory video:

Implementation examples

The implementation design (in addition to the shown functions in the video) now contains two custom categories for filtering and a function to toggle the sort order from ascending to descending (and vice versa) by clicking to the respective control once again. Furthermore the 1.0 allows for sub-folders in document libraries.

Initial design (vertical tiles)

Bold file caption and turnable tiles, basic filtering, sorting and keyword search in meta data:

Preview in SharePoint Online

Landscape tiles

Basic filtering and ordering with country flags on tile:

Preview in SharePoint Online

Portrait tiles

Implementation design normal (not bold) file names with minimal filtering and free text search:

Preview in SharePoint Online


'Microsoft Windows Explorer'-like tiles with full filtering (including custom categories) and all file types:

Preview in SharePoint Online


'Microsoft Windows Explorer'-like list view with year filtering basic ordering:

Preview in SharePoint Online

Landscape Large (wide)

Landscape format with more space for meta text:

Preview in SharePoint Online

Dieter Neumann